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The Residence Chiesiola is an excellent starting point to easily reach the places that make Vieste famous all over the world.


I Trabucchi

A very typical presence you will find on our sea coast are the "Trabucchi", which is a very antique fishing system made of wooden poles that intersect with wire and pulleys. This was a very operative tool for catching fish especially on our sea coast.
The method is easy and consists in dipping in the water a large fish net which is supported by several antennas, over these antennas is positioned a lookout boat which can see from up high the large school of fish arriving.The people present on the trabucco will be signaled and will start to turn a very heavy wheel in order to capture the fish in the big net. This fishing system has been used for many years and has capitalized the migration of fish coming from north to south.

Tremiti Island

A trip you cannot miss is to the enchanting Tremiti islands. The archipelago is made of three islands: S. Domino, S. Nicola and Capraia. The unpolluted nature, the crystal-clear water, the variety of colors found on the bottoms and the history appeal makes these islands an obligated turist stop which no sea lover should reject. The most important and most beautiful island is S. Domino, fully covered with a lush pine forest. The splendid sea inlets named Arene, Inglesi, Matano are possible to reach by foot for spending days just bathing in the sun and submerging in the transparent multi coloured water. It is possible to hire small watercrafts and to move away from the crowded areas reaching the rest of the wonderful inlets that surround the island.

Monte S. Angelo

Monte S. Angelo, a suggestive medioeval town 800 meters above the sea level, with it’s famous sanctuary dedicated to S. Michael.

The most interesting and historical monuments of the "Town of the Archangel" are the Grave of Rotari and the Norman Castel Svevo-Aragonese. 

Le Grotte

Tra i maggiori fenomeni carsici della costa pugliese vi sono le grotte, scolpite dal lavoro di migliaia di anni delle acque piovane e dall’attività corrosiva del mare.

Il suggestivo scenario di grotte, voragini,doline e strapiombi è reso magico dai riflessi di luce e dalla trasparenza delle acque.

I pescatori si sono divertiti a battezzare le grotte con i nomi più curiosi e congeniali, come, per citarne alcuni: grotta Sfondata, Campana, grotta dei Contrabbandieri, grotta dei Due Occhi, grotta dei Colombi, grotta dei Pipistrelli, la grotta Calda o delle Viole, la grotta della Tavolozza, la grotta delle Sirene, quella dei Sogni e del Faraone, la grotta Smeralda, dei Marmi e del Serpente...

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